Welcoming CEO of DGB Capital

Mr. Kim Byeong hee the CEO of DGB Capital and Delegation from S.Korea. DLLC is delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we could. and we are looking forward to meeting you again soon!

DGB CSR 2022

DGB Lao Leasing Co., Ltd. organize a handover ceremony of the social assistance project “Filling dreams, sharing the spirit with the younger ones” at Phon Sinuan Primary School, Vientiane on October 29th, 2022.

Football match between companies

September 24, 2022, there will be a football match between
companies. DGB Lao Leasing Co., Ltd and HECC – Heavy Equipment Clinic Center at the Lan Chang Stadium to build good friendship between the two companies
I would like to express my gratitude to the company president and the management board between DGB and HECC for organizing such a good event for all employees and hope that this kind of good event will continue forever.

DGB Financial Groups launches the 5 nights 6 days Global Volunteer Programs in Laos

DGB Financial Group launched the 2nd DGB Global Volunteer Expedition Program for global sustainable development across the globe. The ceremony was held on 31st Jul 2018 in Daegu Metropolitan, South Korea. This DGB Global Volunteer Expedition Program consists of 50 people, including the board of directors and employees of all affiliates of DGB Financial Group as well as the selected university student volunteers from local universities in Daegu who have been supported by DGB such as with-U College Student Service Corps, Daegu Bank University Student Ambassador, DGB University Student Green Reporters Association.

In July 2017, DGB Financial Group had launched the 1st DGB Global Volunteer Expedition Program and this year will be the 2nd program of the volunteer team. The program participants departed from Gimhae International Airport on 01 August 2018 to do the voluntary program in Vientiane, Lao PDR and Bến Tre, Vietnam and will be returning to Korea on 10 August 2018. 

During the voluntary service in Laos, DGB volunteer team has performed a number of activities to improve the educational environment of Phonsinouan Primary School. Last year, the team has donated and built the classroom for the school and this year, they also build the library, donates 100 books and 50 study table sets to the school. The library will be decorated directly by the volunteer teams. In addition, they plan to decorate the school flower garden, improve the school grounds by placing stepping bridges in the flooded areas to facilitate the students in doing the activities in the school.

The DGB Global Volunteers have prepared hygienic and cultural education for the local students and they will spend time together in order to provide necessary hygienic education and culture classes and events that meet with the needs of children as well as to strengthen the relation-culture between 2 countries.

Besides that, the Volunteer team also visited the “LaoJBrothers Baseball Team”  which is the only baseball team in Laos, to perform volunteer activities and plan a variety of programs including painting the wall, providing the hygienic education for 30 baseball club members. Furthermore, the DGB Social Contribution Foundation also supports the necessary expense to baseball players who will be participating the coming Indonesia Asian Games as the national representative.

“LaoJBrothers Baseball Team” has Mr. Lee Man Soo as the first coach for the team. Mr. Lee Man Soo is not only the legendary player of Samsung Lions team, but he was also the former coach for SK Wyverns in Korea. He is the one who brought the baseball sport to Laos and this year Asian Game, he also plays the important role to support the National Baseball Team. Currently, Mr. Lee Man Soo is appointed to be the Vice-Chairman of Lao Baseball Federation. For this reason, Mr. Lee Man Soo’s photo was installed at the baseball team and the was the unveiling ceremony with planting the “Tree of Mutual Growth” together to mark the coexistence between LaoJBrother and DGB Lao Leasing Co., Ltd.

“DGB Financial Group, the company that has grown domestically and globally for more than half of century with its management philosophy of Dream and Prosperity of the Region, will strive to provide the Closer Service with Greater Benefit to the world beyond the region and we will continue to pursue sustainable management for the next 100-years, leading the global expansion and overseas volunteer activities for private exchanges”, said Mr. Kim Tae Oh, Chairman of DGB Financial Group.