For Customers

To be the leasing company of choice for customers and beloved no. 1 Financial Institution that creates the sustainability and shares the vision of better future with its customers.

For Market

Set the new financial market trend through the change and innovation. Play the fair and transparent game in the market by not maligning its competitors.

For Employees

Creates the friendly & positive working environment where the employees can work in harmony, pride and self-improvement.

For Society

Respect & adhere strictly to the rules, regulations, and laws. Cooperate, support & contribute to the country’s socio-economic growth with having the responsibility to the society.


DGB-Be One

• Promotion of integration.
• Generation of synergy.
• Increasing the harmony.
• Knowledge sharing creation.

Excellence in Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service & increasing the superior because you are more than the customer to us but the valued relationship that we want to continue.

Promote the Strong Return to Shareholders

It is our commitment to create the quality financial services by demonstrating the significance and value of DGB Lao Leasing through sustainable growth and transparent management, so as to achieve optimal benefits for all stakeholders.

Future Response

• Expansion of regional & metropolitan area bases.
• Diversification of business.
• Digital financial infrastructure.

Core Value